Friday, October 7, 2011


Our youngest daughter and her fiancee are getting married. Yippee  I can't believe how stressed out I am.  I don't even need to be.  She would like to get married in May 2012, so we have plenty of time.  And I am not the type of person who can turn this event over to a wedding planner, no, not me, I have to do it myself so that it is just right. lol  No seriously, I am a bit OCD when it comes to my family and home.  She is coming out on Sunday evening so that we can look through bridal magazines and dueling computers.
I know all will fall into place.


  1. Best of luck--we planned my daughter's wedding in 5 mo. and she was finishing up nursing school, so I did a LOT. This is my series: It may or may not give you some ideas!

  2. Well today was a good day. I have appointments next week @ prospective wedding venues and bridal shops. My daughter finally realized 'oh no, mom, there is so much I should have done already' panic. We have the stationary for the invitations. I will be printing them. I've done this for friends, and family, and really enjoy it. I have picked out 2 dresses for myself, I will order both and then send one back. Groom to be, needs to pick out what style tux's or what they have decided to wear. I talked to him today, and asked him to set up waltz dance lessons. Still a lot more to do, but, we are getting there.