Friday, September 7, 2012

Recovering back to peaceful

Hello to anyone that is reading.  I have not blogged in 4 months due to:  me giving my daughter a bridal shower, the Renaissance Faire, our daughter's wedding, my aunt and uncle visiting, 2 sets of good friends that came down from Oregon for the wedding and to visit, still trying to figure out what I want to do to decorate our new place (I need lots of money and Betsy Spreet!) Moving our daughter and son in law about 15 miles south of where they lived, (much further for us) for 2 days last weekend and last but definitely not the least, my mom in hospice.  I pray everyday that the Lord will take her and release her from the horrible pain and dementia she is in.  I have accepted that she will die anytime.
I'd like to share that I have been productive and painted, sewn, and all the other projects that I have, done.  But, alas, I haven't.  I still read my list of bloggers everyday or every other day.  It is something I enjoy doing.  Well, I need to fix dinner and fast.  It is getting late.  Thank you to all of you that respond to my comments, I think it is very nice of you.  Blessings  Paula