Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Fall y'all

Good morning.  It's a beautiful day here in So. Calif.  (at least where I live)  The weather is lovely, in the 70's daytime, and 40's at nite.  I love it.
Soooooo, I really haven't done much around the house.  I made drape panels for the living room, but have yet to hem them, but, they are hanging.  I have panels cut, lined and sewn (no hem) for our bedroom.  I still have 2 lovely bergere chairs I need to reupholster.  I can't get my rear in gear to do  much, other than mundane housework.  I hardly cook.  My husband is so good, he doesn't complain about any of it.  (I used to cook 3 meals a day 6 days a week, work, kid things and was OCD when it came to our house.)  I blame it on menopause! (and being tired of doing absolutely everything around the house for 30 years).
Don't ever buy anything from Ethan Allen.  They still haven't fixed my 'very expensive' sofa.  They are 'working' on it. C'est la vie.
I've been exploring the area around where we live.  I've been to Palm Springs numerous times, so I have gone to the north a little and found some interesting little towns.  We don't have as much traffic out here, so that is nice.  The sidewalks roll up at 8pm, so funny, it's like when I was a kid.
Well, obviously, I have run out of things to blog.....Thanks for visiting.  Blessings Paula