Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

Good tidings -  I am sorry for not writing sooner.  Or ever posting pictures.
Two years ago 12/24/10 we moved .  I may have mentioned this before.  In April 2012 we moved to a larger home in the same community.  I absolutely love my newer house.  Gorgeous views, better layout, blah blah blah.  You get what I'm saying.  So, anyways, we are also renting this house.  I hate renting and it was my idea.  I thought it would give us a chance to try a couple of different floor plans, until we decided to buy.  Well I want this one and it is not for sale!?!  I have yards and yards of fabric and trim for drapes, etc., and gallons of paint!
My mother passed away in Nov. when we had finally taken a short vacation.  So the second day we had to drive into OC to make arrangements.  Believe me when I say it was a blessing.
If you have read my other blogs you know that my mother and I were never close.  That's just life.
So anyways, it is New Years eve, my husband just fixed a drink of Absinthe...he likes it, he's also not much of a drinker.  Thank goodness, but, then that is why I married him.
I'm trying to make up my mind on what project to start.  I hand sew my Renaissance Faire clothes.  I have a beautiful color of rust silk, 5 yds, for a skirt.  And I also have some beautiful embroidered silk fabric to make a jacket to go with it.  This type of hand sewing is very calming, and rewarding.  Or.....make new drapes, pillows, dust ruffle, and slipcover my 2 chairs and ottoman in our bedroom. (when we buy I want this floor plan anyways)
So  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE to all.  I hope you have a great 2013!  Blessings Paula

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thinking about Starting a Project

Hi to whoever is out there.  I'm sitting on my sofa thinking about all of the projects I want to get started.  I do have a book case in my hall that is at least 100 years old, it was my great-grandparents.  I haven't repainted it, so I don't know when it was last painted.  I got into a cupboard and started pulling out things my dad made as a child, his marbles/bag, some artwork.  Then I got out some things my grandma made as a teenager/young adult.  I was so blessed to have my grandma for 43 years, and she was very active until 2 weeks before she passed.  I and my daughters, spent a great deal of time with my grandparents.  I lived at my parents during the week, and on weekends I went to my grandma's or my aunt and uncle's.  4 words  Our household was dysfunctional.  My grandma's and aunt's homes were safe and happy.  WOW I wonder where that came from.  I thought I was over it....I am now.
Still have a bunch of projects to do.  My husband won't allow (yeah right) me on a ladder when he is not home, I always miss that last wrung and jar myself.  I live in a gated community of 3,000 people..And my backyard, just past my patio is the 6th hole on the golf course.  I have a view of about at least 30 miles and I live in the foothills of 2 mountain ranges.  I bet you didn't know So. Cal. had such places.
I feel very blessed to have the life I have.  I also do not like milk paint!  WTH I like chalk paint so much better.  My above mentioned bookshelf looks like it was painted and distressed with milk paint and like I said it's 100 years old!
Well I think, just think, that I will get my fall decorations out.  Have a great day!  Paula

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today as I read through my list of bloggers blogs, I saw a lot were not posting today.  I had to wonder if the significance of this day, 11 years ago, left them with a hole in their hearts.
On that day, my husband called me and told me to turn the TV on right before the 2nd building was hit.  I literally started to cry and vomit.  I still to this day cannot watch this scene.  I got on my knees and started to pray.  For the victims, all of them, the ones they left behind, and the travesty of the whole occurrence.  Being a Christian, is the only hope that I, as a person on this earth, choose and live, knowing my Lord will give me and my loved ones hope during this and these trying time.
One blogger posted a picture of the 1st building on fire, with the other plane ready to hit the second building.  I don't know about anyone else, but, to me I found the photo very disturbing.  Another showed a picture of the memorial today in NY and the new building going up.  This I found, proves that we, as Christian Americans are given solice from our Lord.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recovering back to peaceful

Hello to anyone that is reading.  I have not blogged in 4 months due to:  me giving my daughter a bridal shower, the Renaissance Faire, our daughter's wedding, my aunt and uncle visiting, 2 sets of good friends that came down from Oregon for the wedding and to visit, still trying to figure out what I want to do to decorate our new place (I need lots of money and Betsy Spreet!) Moving our daughter and son in law about 15 miles south of where they lived, (much further for us) for 2 days last weekend and last but definitely not the least, my mom in hospice.  I pray everyday that the Lord will take her and release her from the horrible pain and dementia she is in.  I have accepted that she will die anytime.
I'd like to share that I have been productive and painted, sewn, and all the other projects that I have, done.  But, alas, I haven't.  I still read my list of bloggers everyday or every other day.  It is something I enjoy doing.  Well, I need to fix dinner and fast.  It is getting late.  Thank you to all of you that respond to my comments, I think it is very nice of you.  Blessings  Paula

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

State of my union

Oh my gosh!  I spent all that time on the bathroom cabinet, even forgot to get a final picture, and the owner sold the house.  On a Thursday nite at 10:30pm (no etiquette here) she called and told us.  I immediately got on the internet and found a house, which by the way, was/is the original floorplan we wanted to try (We are renting for the first time in 35 years of marriage) and on top of that it is in a beautiful setting, i.e. views, etc.
So within a week we moved out and into the new, to us, house.  It seems so big and is only 200 sq ft bigger?!
Then on that next Sunday I had to host a shower for my daughter that is getting married in 3 weeks.  All that my friends, even with help, just threw me for a loop.
Needless to say (I am a post menopausal woman, need I say more?) I haven't really moved into my our place yet, because, I sprained my left wrist and have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand. (you know the thumb and 3 fingers kind.)i.e. numb fingers.
It seems like I am complaining, and I guess I am, but I am really excited to get this house decorated.  I got my drapery fabric out and cut all of my panels last week, and guess what, I can't find the power cord for my sewing machine!  Some thing is wrong with this picture.  I guess the Lord is telling me to stop acting like I have the energy I had up until about 8 years ago.  Such is life.  Take care.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Refinishing Bathroom Cabinet

Ok, first of all, no pictures.  I'm sorry.  Tuesday I decided that I was going to refinish the bathroom cabinet.  It has 4 center drawers and double cabinets under the two sinks.  I am using my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The cupboards were painted an incredibly ugly green.  And I like green.  So far, the 4 drawer fronts are finished, yeah, painted and waxed.  I am painting the doors, did the insides yesterday, 2 coats each=4.  As I write, I have just put the first coat of the paint on the fronts.(I'm taking a break)  I have chosen graphite with a dark paste.  It is really turning out nice.  I already painted the walls SW Oyster Bay.  I have nickel pulls and knobs from my stash.  And will be using aqua/green for accents.  I WILL PUT UP PICTURES.  I promise.  Need to get back.  I might even get to start waxing them today.  Next the cabinet.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year - New Projects

I really appreciate you all that have answered or commented on my comments.  I have found quite a few things, Burlap Garland (love it), made quite a few for Christmas presents and for myself.
I took an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class last week.  I had been using the paint but wanted to learn the 'right way' to use the waxes.  I love this paint, now, I know why everyone uses it.  So easy.  And, yes, I know, I need to post pictures.  I have become awful about taking pictures.  I didn't take any at Christmas! Shame on me!
I had a week of post Christmas depression, which, is pretty good for me, I usually have it for 2 months.  It hasn't been fun knowing every year this was going to happen, but, I always pull out of it and it was quicker this year.  (Thanks Annie Sloan)
I have also started a French class.  I did take french for 6 years, eons ago, I can speak some, read about all, but want conversational.  Unless I go to France I probably won't be taking pictures. lol
Well, I wish everyone a very happy New Year.   And I will work on the pictures!?
God bless you all