Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm alive, I'm alive

Hi y'all-  Hope all is well with each of you.  We are hoping we are starting our spring/summer season.  Last year it snowed in May!  What the heck.  Oh well, I repainted my patio furniture, it's been, oh I don't know, ions, since I last painted it all.  Lots of rust to clean up, and a fresh coat of white paint.  A table, 4 chairs and a rolling serving cart.  woohoo

I have to do some painting, wall painting.  We are having some new furniture being delivered this week.  A new sofa, leather ottoman, and a recliner. (I know, there ugly, but, I picked out one that looks like a chair and the fabric will go nicely with the sofa.)  I bought a bunch of other items, large rug, lamps, painted (ASCP) some tables we had, made throw pillows, new silk drapery panels.  And I bought new fabric to recover my bergere chairs.  Oh, and I really should paint my dining table and chairs!.  Ya, not much, to do.

I am so excited.  Hopefully after it is done, I'll figure out how to post pictures.

Take care, and thank you for stopping by.  Paula