Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas

Boy, it seems that all of the holiday, (Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas) all blended together this year.  So many pretty homes in blogland, all decked out to the 9's.
We hosted Thanksgiving again this year.  We started with 5, then 14, and had 10.  It was nice because we could all sit around the dining room table together.  We had a great meal (everybody brought something.) and it was so nice to be all together.  I tried something different this year.  I bought packages of kitchen towels and used my PB napkin rings.  During dinner, I announced that as a treat, they all got to take their napkins/kitchen towels home.  It was a happy surprise for them, and they thought it was a great idea. (oh my, who couldn't use extra kitchen towels?)
I have been purchasing Christmas presents, mostly over the internet.  Today I thought it might be a good time to separate them according to family, and then person.  I was surprised at how I really don't need to get anything else.  I have my wrapping paper and ribbon, and boxes.  I will have to pick a day to work on the dining room table for wrapping.
Last week was a horrible week for my husband and I.  Our kitty, Lily, had to be put to sleep.  She had a horrible disease called Stomatitis in her mouth.  We have had her on meds for at least 2 years now, and the agony in her eyes was just to much.  She was our baby, we took her everywhere with us: camping, hotels, and she was a good traveler, now she isn't in any pain.  We plan on waiting until after the 1st of the year, maybe, to look for another kitty.
On a happier note, our youngest daughter will turn 31 on Saturday.  We are going to dinner at a nice restaurant in Los Alamitos and going down to Naples to walk the canals and look at the Christmas lights.  We try to do this every year, alternating different locations.  But since it is her birthday I let her pick.
Well, this went on longer than I planned.  I wish everyone of you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Fall y'all

Good morning.  It's a beautiful day here in So. Calif.  (at least where I live)  The weather is lovely, in the 70's daytime, and 40's at nite.  I love it.
Soooooo, I really haven't done much around the house.  I made drape panels for the living room, but have yet to hem them, but, they are hanging.  I have panels cut, lined and sewn (no hem) for our bedroom.  I still have 2 lovely bergere chairs I need to reupholster.  I can't get my rear in gear to do  much, other than mundane housework.  I hardly cook.  My husband is so good, he doesn't complain about any of it.  (I used to cook 3 meals a day 6 days a week, work, kid things and was OCD when it came to our house.)  I blame it on menopause! (and being tired of doing absolutely everything around the house for 30 years).
Don't ever buy anything from Ethan Allen.  They still haven't fixed my 'very expensive' sofa.  They are 'working' on it. C'est la vie.
I've been exploring the area around where we live.  I've been to Palm Springs numerous times, so I have gone to the north a little and found some interesting little towns.  We don't have as much traffic out here, so that is nice.  The sidewalks roll up at 8pm, so funny, it's like when I was a kid.
Well, obviously, I have run out of things to blog.....Thanks for visiting.  Blessings Paula

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shoes and Period Costumes

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.  I'm sure, no I know because you all admit to your 'messy rooms'.  I'm glad I am not the only one.
Busy summer.  Went to Oregon in June/July for 2 weeks.  I have my aunt and uncle, cousins,  nephews, friends in and around Portland.  One (there are 5 boys) of the nephews got married, and there was all sorts of celebrations going on, it was really a fun trip, for me of course, but, my husband had a great time too.
July was kinda slow.  It has been terribly hot and humid this summer.  We have a good rain about 3-4pm and then it just blows away.  I have been swimming laps, trying to stay upright on my bike, and putsing around the house.  Ethan Allen still has not fixed our sofa sufficiently, but, Lazy Boy did a great job on the recliner.  I still have these projects: paint dining room chairs (6 chairs, 1 table), 2 bergere chairs, one drape.
In August my youngest daughter and I took my vintage trailer up the mountain to Big Bear Lake.  It was beautiful up there, I could have stayed longer.  My husband wants to go up in October, so that is next.  I want to go to Maui. lol
I have found a new costuming site that I love-  AMERICAN DUCHESS. She not only makes and shows all of her outfits, SHE HAS A SHOE SHOP for vintage and antique replica shoes.  So far, I've bought 2 pairs, The Duchess in RED, love 'em, and Spectator T strap shoes in white and brown.  OH, and a pair of silk thigh highs to wear with my red shoes!  Now I want to make a silk tartan skirt with a silk blouse or sweater for Christmas.
 I appreciate your those of you that read my blog.  No pictures yet, I know, I have had offers from other bloggers.  Sometimes, real life just gets in the way......Blessings  Paula

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weekend was beautiful here in So. Calif.  We didn't accomplish much, but ran a few errand.
I received my sofa from Ethan A and my recliner from Lazy B.  But, last week I noticed that the sofa cushions didn't look like they had enough stuffing, you know, puckering and the back cushion's were rolling forward, not a good look for a cushion with welting around all of the seams.  Then, my husband pointed out to me, that the first board on the foot recliner was broken in half.  We really hadn't used the recliner much, the seat doesn't have enough stuffing!?!  So, I got on the phone and made appointments to have someone come out to see if they could fix these problems or exchange them.  I have always bought Sherrill sofa's and have never had any problems at all.  So I am totally bummed.  I have rearranged my 'props', added a few and need to pack the others and put in cupboards in garage.  I haven't recovered my bergere chairs yet.  The fabric suggested is a linen (loose)/ silk blend.  As much as I love it, I am trying to find something a little heavier. ( We have a great room, so this is where we live.)
Today I am painting chairs with ascp, french linen with dry brush white.  I already recovered the seats, I took them off of the chairs.  I have a neutral buffalo plaid on the seats.
That's all for now.  May the Lord bless you all, Paula Lusk

Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm alive, I'm alive

Hi y'all-  Hope all is well with each of you.  We are hoping we are starting our spring/summer season.  Last year it snowed in May!  What the heck.  Oh well, I repainted my patio furniture, it's been, oh I don't know, ions, since I last painted it all.  Lots of rust to clean up, and a fresh coat of white paint.  A table, 4 chairs and a rolling serving cart.  woohoo

I have to do some painting, wall painting.  We are having some new furniture being delivered this week.  A new sofa, leather ottoman, and a recliner. (I know, there ugly, but, I picked out one that looks like a chair and the fabric will go nicely with the sofa.)  I bought a bunch of other items, large rug, lamps, painted (ASCP) some tables we had, made throw pillows, new silk drapery panels.  And I bought new fabric to recover my bergere chairs.  Oh, and I really should paint my dining table and chairs!.  Ya, not much, to do.

I am so excited.  Hopefully after it is done, I'll figure out how to post pictures.

Take care, and thank you for stopping by.  Paula

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Snowing in Southern California!

Wow, I am on the computer listening to Classical music and I hear this loud roar!  My husband comes out of his office, and I look out the window and it is snowing.  The whole golf course and all the houses lining it are covered in snow.  It is so amazing.  We had some snow 2 years ago, but, other than that we haven't been snowed on since we had a house in the mountains 25 yrs ago. It is a very serene feeling, being in the house and the quiet of the snow.  I realize this is no big deal to you all that get snow, but to us it is special.  Well since people here don't even know how to drive in the rain, I guess we won't be going out today.  Have a great day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cleaning up Christmas

Happy New Year everyone- I love reading blogs.  It makes me feel normal.  My Christmas stuff is, packed, but still in the living room. lol  My laundry room has piles (3) on the floor, and I haven't made my bed yet today.  Life is good and I am happy.
I have a plethora of things to paint and sew, but, you wouldn't think so if you saw my house.  (that is my fault for never posting pictures, I am very sorry and will hopefully post some this year  '13) My house looks decorated, as my daughter reminds me all the time.
 Well I think I am going to Homegoods, so take care and have a great day. Paula