Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shoes and Period Costumes

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.  I'm sure, no I know because you all admit to your 'messy rooms'.  I'm glad I am not the only one.
Busy summer.  Went to Oregon in June/July for 2 weeks.  I have my aunt and uncle, cousins,  nephews, friends in and around Portland.  One (there are 5 boys) of the nephews got married, and there was all sorts of celebrations going on, it was really a fun trip, for me of course, but, my husband had a great time too.
July was kinda slow.  It has been terribly hot and humid this summer.  We have a good rain about 3-4pm and then it just blows away.  I have been swimming laps, trying to stay upright on my bike, and putsing around the house.  Ethan Allen still has not fixed our sofa sufficiently, but, Lazy Boy did a great job on the recliner.  I still have these projects: paint dining room chairs (6 chairs, 1 table), 2 bergere chairs, one drape.
In August my youngest daughter and I took my vintage trailer up the mountain to Big Bear Lake.  It was beautiful up there, I could have stayed longer.  My husband wants to go up in October, so that is next.  I want to go to Maui. lol
I have found a new costuming site that I love-  AMERICAN DUCHESS. She not only makes and shows all of her outfits, SHE HAS A SHOE SHOP for vintage and antique replica shoes.  So far, I've bought 2 pairs, The Duchess in RED, love 'em, and Spectator T strap shoes in white and brown.  OH, and a pair of silk thigh highs to wear with my red shoes!  Now I want to make a silk tartan skirt with a silk blouse or sweater for Christmas.
 I appreciate your those of you that read my blog.  No pictures yet, I know, I have had offers from other bloggers.  Sometimes, real life just gets in the way......Blessings  Paula