Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year - New Projects

I really appreciate you all that have answered or commented on my comments.  I have found quite a few things, Burlap Garland (love it), made quite a few for Christmas presents and for myself.
I took an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class last week.  I had been using the paint but wanted to learn the 'right way' to use the waxes.  I love this paint, now, I know why everyone uses it.  So easy.  And, yes, I know, I need to post pictures.  I have become awful about taking pictures.  I didn't take any at Christmas! Shame on me!
I had a week of post Christmas depression, which, is pretty good for me, I usually have it for 2 months.  It hasn't been fun knowing every year this was going to happen, but, I always pull out of it and it was quicker this year.  (Thanks Annie Sloan)
I have also started a French class.  I did take french for 6 years, eons ago, I can speak some, read about all, but want conversational.  Unless I go to France I probably won't be taking pictures. lol
Well, I wish everyone a very happy New Year.   And I will work on the pictures!?
God bless you all