Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thinking about Starting a Project

Hi to whoever is out there.  I'm sitting on my sofa thinking about all of the projects I want to get started.  I do have a book case in my hall that is at least 100 years old, it was my great-grandparents.  I haven't repainted it, so I don't know when it was last painted.  I got into a cupboard and started pulling out things my dad made as a child, his marbles/bag, some artwork.  Then I got out some things my grandma made as a teenager/young adult.  I was so blessed to have my grandma for 43 years, and she was very active until 2 weeks before she passed.  I and my daughters, spent a great deal of time with my grandparents.  I lived at my parents during the week, and on weekends I went to my grandma's or my aunt and uncle's.  4 words  Our household was dysfunctional.  My grandma's and aunt's homes were safe and happy.  WOW I wonder where that came from.  I thought I was over it....I am now.
Still have a bunch of projects to do.  My husband won't allow (yeah right) me on a ladder when he is not home, I always miss that last wrung and jar myself.  I live in a gated community of 3,000 people..And my backyard, just past my patio is the 6th hole on the golf course.  I have a view of about at least 30 miles and I live in the foothills of 2 mountain ranges.  I bet you didn't know So. Cal. had such places.
I feel very blessed to have the life I have.  I also do not like milk paint!  WTH I like chalk paint so much better.  My above mentioned bookshelf looks like it was painted and distressed with milk paint and like I said it's 100 years old!
Well I think, just think, that I will get my fall decorations out.  Have a great day!  Paula