Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day weekend was beautiful here in So. Calif.  We didn't accomplish much, but ran a few errand.
I received my sofa from Ethan A and my recliner from Lazy B.  But, last week I noticed that the sofa cushions didn't look like they had enough stuffing, you know, puckering and the back cushion's were rolling forward, not a good look for a cushion with welting around all of the seams.  Then, my husband pointed out to me, that the first board on the foot recliner was broken in half.  We really hadn't used the recliner much, the seat doesn't have enough stuffing!?!  So, I got on the phone and made appointments to have someone come out to see if they could fix these problems or exchange them.  I have always bought Sherrill sofa's and have never had any problems at all.  So I am totally bummed.  I have rearranged my 'props', added a few and need to pack the others and put in cupboards in garage.  I haven't recovered my bergere chairs yet.  The fabric suggested is a linen (loose)/ silk blend.  As much as I love it, I am trying to find something a little heavier. ( We have a great room, so this is where we live.)
Today I am painting chairs with ascp, french linen with dry brush white.  I already recovered the seats, I took them off of the chairs.  I have a neutral buffalo plaid on the seats.
That's all for now.  May the Lord bless you all, Paula Lusk