Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas

Boy, it seems that all of the holiday, (Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas) all blended together this year.  So many pretty homes in blogland, all decked out to the 9's.
We hosted Thanksgiving again this year.  We started with 5, then 14, and had 10.  It was nice because we could all sit around the dining room table together.  We had a great meal (everybody brought something.) and it was so nice to be all together.  I tried something different this year.  I bought packages of kitchen towels and used my PB napkin rings.  During dinner, I announced that as a treat, they all got to take their napkins/kitchen towels home.  It was a happy surprise for them, and they thought it was a great idea. (oh my, who couldn't use extra kitchen towels?)
I have been purchasing Christmas presents, mostly over the internet.  Today I thought it might be a good time to separate them according to family, and then person.  I was surprised at how I really don't need to get anything else.  I have my wrapping paper and ribbon, and boxes.  I will have to pick a day to work on the dining room table for wrapping.
Last week was a horrible week for my husband and I.  Our kitty, Lily, had to be put to sleep.  She had a horrible disease called Stomatitis in her mouth.  We have had her on meds for at least 2 years now, and the agony in her eyes was just to much.  She was our baby, we took her everywhere with us: camping, hotels, and she was a good traveler, now she isn't in any pain.  We plan on waiting until after the 1st of the year, maybe, to look for another kitty.
On a happier note, our youngest daughter will turn 31 on Saturday.  We are going to dinner at a nice restaurant in Los Alamitos and going down to Naples to walk the canals and look at the Christmas lights.  We try to do this every year, alternating different locations.  But since it is her birthday I let her pick.
Well, this went on longer than I planned.  I wish everyone of you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.