Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

Good tidings -  I am sorry for not writing sooner.  Or ever posting pictures.
Two years ago 12/24/10 we moved .  I may have mentioned this before.  In April 2012 we moved to a larger home in the same community.  I absolutely love my newer house.  Gorgeous views, better layout, blah blah blah.  You get what I'm saying.  So, anyways, we are also renting this house.  I hate renting and it was my idea.  I thought it would give us a chance to try a couple of different floor plans, until we decided to buy.  Well I want this one and it is not for sale!?!  I have yards and yards of fabric and trim for drapes, etc., and gallons of paint!
My mother passed away in Nov. when we had finally taken a short vacation.  So the second day we had to drive into OC to make arrangements.  Believe me when I say it was a blessing.
If you have read my other blogs you know that my mother and I were never close.  That's just life.
So anyways, it is New Years eve, my husband just fixed a drink of Absinthe...he likes it, he's also not much of a drinker.  Thank goodness, but, then that is why I married him.
I'm trying to make up my mind on what project to start.  I hand sew my Renaissance Faire clothes.  I have a beautiful color of rust silk, 5 yds, for a skirt.  And I also have some beautiful embroidered silk fabric to make a jacket to go with it.  This type of hand sewing is very calming, and rewarding.  Or.....make new drapes, pillows, dust ruffle, and slipcover my 2 chairs and ottoman in our bedroom. (when we buy I want this floor plan anyways)
So  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE to all.  I hope you have a great 2013!  Blessings Paula

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