Tuesday, May 8, 2012

State of my union

Oh my gosh!  I spent all that time on the bathroom cabinet, even forgot to get a final picture, and the owner sold the house.  On a Thursday nite at 10:30pm (no etiquette here) she called and told us.  I immediately got on the internet and found a house, which by the way, was/is the original floorplan we wanted to try (We are renting for the first time in 35 years of marriage) and on top of that it is in a beautiful setting, i.e. views, etc.
So within a week we moved out and into the new, to us, house.  It seems so big and is only 200 sq ft bigger?!
Then on that next Sunday I had to host a shower for my daughter that is getting married in 3 weeks.  All that my friends, even with help, just threw me for a loop.
Needless to say (I am a post menopausal woman, need I say more?) I haven't really moved into my our place yet, because, I sprained my left wrist and have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand. (you know the thumb and 3 fingers kind.)i.e. numb fingers.
It seems like I am complaining, and I guess I am, but I am really excited to get this house decorated.  I got my drapery fabric out and cut all of my panels last week, and guess what, I can't find the power cord for my sewing machine!  Some thing is wrong with this picture.  I guess the Lord is telling me to stop acting like I have the energy I had up until about 8 years ago.  Such is life.  Take care.


  1. I'm sure you'll get it fixed up and looking incredible in no time! Hope your hand feels better. I honestly think hand pain is the worst!

  2. I know you must be suffering. I had tendonitis in my right wrist and I couldn't do anything with that hand. I hope yours will feel better soon.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. If I had everything going on that you do I would certainly have a pitty party! That is just to much menopause or not, carpel tunnel or not. A healthy young person could not do what you are!


  4. Congratulations on your house and your daughter's wedding. Wow. It does sound like a busy time, I hope you can try to relax and stay in the moment. That's what helps me. I try to "let go" and say "whatever happens will be wonderful." It's sorta like self-inflicted brain washing, but it actually works. I start to believe myself. Thanks for visiting my blog, I loved your comments on nylons. You're my kind of woman!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  5. Oh Yes!! A new house to decorate! Enjoy!